Saturday Short: Feles Daemonica II

This weekend, my short story was the second installment in the Feles Daemonica series, with a title of “Mushroom Festival.” In the first story, the protagonist, Paul, was caught completely off-guard by the demon Aym. Now that he knows what he’s up against, he and his husband Allen can prepare themselves properly and have it out with Aym without having to worry about him getting the better of them.

This story establishes the bond between Paul and Allen, to contrast with the non-relationship Paul has with his sister Kate. The title of this story comes from her decision to up and leave Portland on a whim to go to a mushroom festival, leaving Paul and Allen to prevent Aym from wreaking any havoc in her apartment while she’s gone.

Last week, I had not yet figured out what Aym’s “angle” was. For the first story, this was largely unimportant. As I mentioned, Paul was caught completely unawares, so it was fine for Aym to simply establish himself in Kate’s life. However, for this story, I had to make sure I knew the general thrust of Aym’s goals on Earth, or I’d be setting myself up for trouble in later stories.

Fortunately, I got all that worked out, and I’m reasonably confident that “Mushroom Festival” will hold up against how the plot and characters develop in future stories.

I have a strong idea of how the next story is going to go, as I ended this one with the introduction of a new demon. Next week, my protagonists will be dealing with him.

I also have a rough idea of how the series overall will go. As I mentioned last week, this one is light, mostly humorous, but the thematic core is familial relationships, both the good ones and difficult ones. So far, the story list is:

  1. “Enter Muffin”
  2. “Mushroom Festival”
  3. “Storm Front”
The total number of stories is yet unknown, but I’ll continue writing one every week until the project either stalls out or becomes a complete story arc.