New Cover

Transmutations is a difficult book to make a cover for. Zhivko and I were tossing around ideas via chat messages. I was initially thinking of something a bit more abstract, and he pressed me for more details. Finally, I gave him the synopsis for “Lunar Eclipse,” one of my favorite stories in the collection. It consists of a series of journal entries, correspondence, research articles, and television show excerpts from a society on an Earth-like planet whose moon is impacted by a meteor in their Renaissance, which causes the moon to fall into a degrading orbit.

Zhivko jumped on this idea and the gorgeous illustration and cover above is the result. Phenomenal work, as always.

The release date for the new edition of Transmutations will be November 6. Here are all the 2020 re-release dates so far:

  • August 1: Schrödinger’s City
  • September 4: The Shipwright and Other Stories
  • October 2: Alterra
  • November 6: Transmutations
I am pulling Our Algorithm Who Art Perfection from the new edition of Transmutations. It will be released separately as a standalone with its own cover. New covers and release dates for Our Algorithm, Insomnium, and Voyage Embarkation are all forthcoming. With any luck, I’ll get Intersection Thirteen out this year as well, although early next year is much more likely.