The Slow Resumption of the New Normal

Last week’s shock has begun to fade, and while I would love to say that I am getting back to “normal,” I am no longer certain exactly what constitutes normal.

If anything in my life can be said to fit that bill, it is the publication of a book. In the first month of this year, when Covid-19 was still just one of many feeds on my news site watchlist, I made the decision to commission Zhivko Zhelev to make new covers for all my existing novels. In addition to new covers, I decided to continue honing my print layout abilities by doing brand new interiors for all of those novels as well. When I started putting together the release dates for the new books, a happy coincidence presented itself: August 1, 2020 is the fifth anniversary of the release of Schrödinger’s City. This coming Saturday, I will be releasing the novel’s newest edition, featuring Zhivko Zhelev’s beautiful new cover. Those who already own the ebook will get the updated cover as well as access to a new afterward, one I will also post on this blog this coming Tuesday.

This Thursday on the blog, I am planning a post about the book’s new interior design compared to previous versions.

As for the release itself, I will hit the button to publish the print book and update the ebook early in the morning on Saturday Pacific time. I expect it to be available the following Monday at the latest.

I did not do any writing this weekend, but that was probably for the best. I am aiming to resume my Saturday Shorts series next weekend along with the obligatory post.