Matthew Buscemi; Copyright © Mary Grace Long Photography 2014

My professional skills are numerous and varied. I discovered a talent for mathematics and algorithms early, which eventually developed into a career in software engineering. I also love stories, particularly genre-bending stories that push the boundaries of the imagination. This passion developed first into a voracious appetite for speculative fiction, later into penchant for writing my own stories, and eventually also into professional experience with print layout and publishing.

I hold degrees in literature and linguistics, and I have taught English in Japan. I have a fondness for philosophy, particularly that of Ancient Greece and Rome. I love the ways in which technology lifts us up, but I fear what it can do to us when abused. I think often about the future. In my novels I explore the strange, wonderful, terrifying, magnificent, and perilous possibilities of human experience. I enjoy academic conferences, particularly literary ones, and I dabble in literary analysis.

You may read all this and wonder, am I first and foremost a software engineer, a writer, a publisher, a print designer, or a researcher? My answer: I don't accept “first and foremost.”