The Laundry List

The historical record on this site shows that the last time I paid it any attention was in July of this year. Funny how quickly time passes when you get engrossed in life, but I feel strongly that it’s important for writers to give over time to really living life. It is very easy to let writing become something that sucks up all of one’s time and energy, but in order for a story to be meaningful, it must relate to the human condition, which a writer can only channel through direct experience that is broader than fingers on a keyboard while staring at glowing rectangle.

Since I was last here, I have:

  1. worked on no fewer than three nascent creative projects
  2. had two of my reviews published in MacroMicrocosm
  3. officially become a real powerlifter

First off, please head on over to Vraeyda Literary and pick up a copy of Open Doors, which contains my reviews of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Annals of the Western Shore and Serdar Yegulalp’s The Fall of the Hammer. Your purchase helps support them and me both, and the world needs independent literary organizations more than ever. Hopefully my review will entice you to read Yegulalp’s novel, which would be yet another way of supporting independent literary work.

Now that I’m done running myself through the physical and emotional wringer that was my first powerlifting meet, I’ve had a chance to take a look at all the creative endeavors that have been sitting on the back burner for the past three months. I’ve decided that I’m behind, but I’m not too far behind. I think I can get everything done that I originally wanted to achieve before the end of the year:

  1. publish Chronicles of Ytria, albeit much later than its original release date
  2. revise When the Gods Wish to Punish and get it out to beta readers

In addition, I’ve discovered that Amazon KDP, which prints and distributes my work, now offers hardcovers. I have a side project going to get a hardcover proof of Voyage Embarkation ordered so that I can evaluate the printing quality of the service.

If the quality turns out to be pretty good, I will be faced with the large task of generating hardcover editions of all my current works. That endeavor could easily stretch into 2022, but I think it would be worth it.