New Book Hubs

I’ve launched some new hub pages for each my books. I’ve been unhappy for some time with the limitations of promotional blurbs. On these new hub pages you’ll find information highlighting the major themes and discussing some of the works that were inspirational to me in the development of the story in question.

Long time readers of this blog will find it unsurprising for me to state that I take issue with how our society values literary works (as well as a vast many other things) solely in economic terms. In crafting these new book pages, I thought a lot about what I want to know about books before I buy them, stuff that’s largely not included in promotional blurbs.

Most promotional blurbs consist of high-level plot summaries that are designed to help the potential reader feel as though they will be easily able to occupy the viewpoint of the protagonist as they read. But this is not how I read. I’m here to reflect on the events of a novel, not to inhabit them.

If you’ve ever thought about giving one of my novels a try, it should now be easier to find the one that’s right for you (my recommendation for a starting point remains Schrödinger’s City). You can find the links below and also in the header bar under “Writing – Bibliography.”