And Now for Some Reading Goals

My first draft of The Other is complete, coming in at 66,000 words (that's about 260 printed pages). I am feeling pretty good about it. I think it already stands out as a unique addition to my bibliography. No one will be able to say I'm repeating myself. There are some structural issues to clean up, and probably also parts that need to be tweaked, but overall is feels very coherent. Now I just need to put in the time to edit the draft into a final copy.

I've recently begun reading The Catcher in the Rye, because it's one of my husband's favorite books and I've never read it. I've also got a ton of books that I've left mid-flight, including Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Leviathan, The Peloponnesian War, Red Mars, and the remaining three books of The Book of the New Sun series. My goal is to complete all of those by the end of 2019 in addition to getting The Other published by the end of the year.