A New Look for a Five-Year-Old Book

Schrödinger's City will be five years old this August. What better way to celebrate than to re-release it with a snazzy new cover courtesy of Zhivko Zhelev, and a brand new afterword as well. I discovered more to say this time around than with the 2019 edition of the novel, where I barely filled up more than a page. I will post the full text of that afterword here on this blog after the novel's release.

Since I live in Seattle, I'm sure my readers are wondering about how I am doing, seeing as I am living in the Covid-19 capital of the United States (although New York seems poised to surpass Washington any day now). At the time of this writing, Alex and I are both healthy. We venture outside these days only for groceries, so it's a good thing that we enjoy one another's company. I'll write more about this in a subsequent post, but for now, it shall suffice to say that we are well and hope to stay that way.