A New Edition of Voyage Embarkation

In October 2019, I decided that the cover for my fifth novel, The Other, would be a commissioned work from the artist who had done the interior illustration for my one-of-a-kind edition of Our Algorithm Who Art Perfection, and the interior illustrations for a similar edition of Schrödinger’s City (which I ended up not publishing). I liked how that cover turned out so much, that I began thinking of commissioning Zhivko Zhelev to redo the covers of all my existing works. In February of this year, I decided to proceed with that project.

Today marks its culmination. With the re-release of Voyage Embarkation, all of my novels and collections are available in new editions and with Zhivko Zhelev’s artwork on the front.

The new edition of Voyage Embarkation in particular is special. It is not just a re-release, but contains much new content: a new preface, a series history, notes on each chapter, and an outline of the stories-to-have-been for the remaining four books. With this edition, I finally have a sense of completion for the series I set out eight years ago to create.

But just because this series is over does not mean Kal’s adventures are at an end. I have more stories planned for a thirty-year-old Kal Anders set in the future timeline of Intersection Thirteen and Beati Qui Inveniunt Feles. Expect to see more in a few years’ time.

For now, enjoy the new material in Voyage Embarkation. Ebook owners will find their Kindle automatically updated with the new edition within the next day or so. The new paperback will be available on Amazon within a similar time frame.