Weekly Preview: Nov 30, 2020

My Power Cave

To the right is a photo of what I am calling my “power cave.” It is all mine. No gym closure can interfere with my training regimen now. It took me a few weeks to find the space and set everything up, but now that the problem of maintaining adequate physical activity is resolved, I have the capacity once more to turn my attention to writing.

My most recent blog disruption is indicative of a bigger disruption in my life, which I’ll go into more detail about on Monday. That disruption also caused me to lose some momentum on the backmatter for the new edition of Voyage Embarkation, but I’m going at it again now, and I think I will still have it ready for the December 18 release date. I might perhaps have to push that back a week, but it should be able to stay inside the month of December. Insomnium’s new edition is ready to go for its launch one week from today.

There is so much backed up for my blog that instead of doing the summary on Monday, I’m doing it today, so that all five days next week can be devoted to more substantive posts.

  • Monday: Our Current Dilemma, an essay about my recent trials surrounding gyms and keeping myself and others healthy amidst the pandemic.
  • Tuesday: A Carnival of Ideas, some thoughts on the first season of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek as a franchise.
  • Wednesday: The Creation Cycle, an essay on when to pay attention to what in order to develop one’s skills as a writer.
  • Thursday: The Typography of Transmutations, my thoughts on the layout I designed for the 2020 edition of my short story collection.
  • Friday: A New Edition of Insomnium, some brief thoughts on my second novel to commemorate the release of its newest edition.

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