Where's Matt?

I've been quite busy this past week. While the weekend is normally my most productive time in terms of reading and writing, I picked up a really bad cold this past Thursday, which I'm only just now beginning to recover from. When I'm sick, I can't muster much concentration for anything save video games and old Star Trek episodes. Fortunately for me, my new System76 Thelio showed up on Wednesday, which means I at least got to spend my gaming time with an old favorite that I haven't been able to play in seven years, Skyrim. More on that in upcoming posts.

I have a lot of content for this blog backed up, so I'm going to hammer all that out tonight and tomorrow morning, then post it throughout the week. Here's what that schedule will look like:

  • Monday, July 1: A review of my new System76 Thelio desktop computer
  • Tuesday, July 2: How I got Skyrim to work on Pop!_OS, even though it doesn't run natively
  • Wednesday, July 3: Thoughts on my progress on Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun series
  • Thursday, July 4: Thoughts on Helena Rosenblatt's The Lost History of Liberalism
  • Friday, July 5: The background for my short story, The Shipwright, the first story in my upcoming story collection, The Shipwright and Other Stories

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