Read if you are interested in…

  • a world whose only fantastic element is three moons instead of one
  • themes of coming-of-age, ecology, philsophical development, bravery, and art
  • a setting vaguely reminiscent of Ancient Greece


A Wizard of Earthsea definitely kicked this one off. I sat down one day at writing group and I thought, “Le Guin has an awesome archipelago fantasy world. I want an awesome archipelago fantasy world.” So I drew one. From there, I diverged into what were by that time my “usual suspects” thematically. See above. My knowledge of Ancient Greek literature also helped form a lot of the substance of these stories as well, particulary Homer, Plato, and Aeschylus.

Biliographic Data

  • First publication: 2019
  • ISBN of in-print edition: 978-1-62802-019-9