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  • uncertainty, applied at macro scale, and extrapolated out to human social systems
  • multiple character perspectives
  • stories where disparate details are slowly revealed to be interconnected


There’s a thing Le Guin and Miéville both do where disparate details are slowly revealed to be inter-related. Characters from one part of Earthsea will show up later in a new context. The details of the early half of Embassytown are slowly revealed to form a coherent picture of what was going on. I wanted to do that with a ton of character perspectives and really drive home the point about both human interconnectedness and the ability of what we notice to shape our reality.

Biliographic Data

  • First publication: 2015
  • Subsequent editions: 2017, 2019, 2020
  • ISBN of in-print edition: 978-1-62802-021-2